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lest he thereby become a monster
22 May 2015 @ 01:14 am
YES. I ACTUALLY NEED THIS. For organization. No, no one is allowed to say anything.


How's My Driving?
Sirenspull App
CapeandCowl App
IC Contact (SP)
Player: Dream (SP)
√ May/Jun: Batman | Bruce Wayne
√ Jul/Aug: Batman | Bruce Wayne
√ Sep/Oct: Batman | Bruce Wayne
² the_devils_see: posts | logs | tracker
² capeandcowl: posts | logs | tracker
² SP April Test Drive Meme
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√ Nov/Dec: Batman | Bruce Wayne
Matches Malone | Socks
lest he thereby become a monster
20 May 2015 @ 02:11 pm

IP logging off. Anon posting is on.

Questions or comments on how I'm playing Batman? Feedback is totally accepted and appreciated, so please tell me here! I really wish to do a good job with him, since this is the Goddamn Batman. He won't tolerate failure, and neither will I. /punches air!

Thank you!

aim: lift sleeves

lest he thereby become a monster
03 May 2015 @ 04:39 pm
Okay so I play a guy with an obsessive need for information, an eidetic memory, and a 16MB RAM processing speed (or more, idk). Basically, he is ridiculously capable. Unfortunately, I do not have the 1) time, 2) intelligence, 3) analytical ability, and 4) obsession to do what he does. WHICH MEANS I NEED YOUR HELP.

Please fill in the following form according to what is publicly known about your character. As in, what can be found on the network. If it has ever been mentioned or shown, please put it down here. Including what is shown behind hackable filters. Because he will hack it for the information.

Also, a permissions post!

Can Batman hack your encryptions?
- He's generally a very good hacker. Not Oracle's level, but just a step below. Which means unless it's coded by, say, the Master or the Doctor, he can hack it.
- BUT I don't want him to be a massive gamebreaker and ruin everyone's fun. So please tell me whether he is allowed to hack the filters. If you don't want him to, I'll just state it that he can't, or that he doesn't want to for some reason. I'LL MAKE SHIT UP.

... Yeah that's it. Thank you everyone. ;_;
lest he thereby become a monster
03 May 2015 @ 02:45 pm

Public number: Bruce Wayne

You have reached Bruce Wayne. Please leave a message. If it's interesting enough, I might call you back.

Private number: Batman

[ COMPLETE SILENCE. Then a beep. You know who this is, and what's it's for. Hurry up and just talk. ]

Public number; rerouted: Matches Malone

[ There's a pause, then a long New Jersey drawl. ]

Hey. Matches 'ere. I'm busy right now [ you can practically hear the sleaze ] so just leave somethin' down and I'll get right back to ya.
lest he thereby become a monster
18 September 2011 @ 08:49 pm
lest he thereby become a monster
12 September 2011 @ 12:56 pm
Uhm! Okay, since there... has been previous incarnations of this guy in CNC before, and because he is absolutely crazy about information and so would be reading everything on the network before he posts or even breathes slightly to tell the City he exists... Can I please ask everyone to fill in a permissions post?

IN ADDITION. His power in the City will basically be Cityspeaker. I pretty much won't be using it that much or at all because of his entire stance of metas and the limitations I've put on it. Information on his ability can be found on his app (I apologize in advance for the huge amount of history you have to scroll through). It's basically a version of Jack Hawksmoor's powers in the Authority. He can talk to the City, and he can... make the City move for him. That's basically it.

So this is basically a permissions post for that as well!

If there's anything else you want to ask about his powers or anything else, just hit me up! 8D
lest he thereby become a monster
10 September 2011 @ 12:46 pm

Public number: Bruce Wayne

You have reached Bruce Wayne. If you're a pretty girl, please leave a name and a message. If you're not, please hang up right now.

Private number: Batman

[ COMPLETE SILENCE. Then a beep. You know who this is, and what's it's for. Hurry up and just talk. ]

lest he thereby become a monster
01 September 2011 @ 12:48 pm
Okay so Madara released the sakura trees. Bruce is the most repressed ever, and he has far too much self-control to actually do everything that he actually wants to do. So he chose to get rid of the urge and cause no harm - i.e. he writes letters, and he tears them up and sets them free.

And it's up to you guys to find them and piece it all together.

There are 3 letters in total. Two are in 8 pieces each, and one is in 9 pieces. Treat it as a mystery and talk to random people! Check if they have the pieces! And most importantly... have fun!

Letter 1 - 9 pieces:

I've dreamed of it. My hands around your throat. I've dreamed over almost five thousand four hundred and twenty-three ways of torturing you, inflicting the worst sort of pain until you're begging for your life. So you will understand even in your deranged mind what fear is, and you'll know what all of your victims feel when they see you hovering above them.

At least three hundred of these involve crowbars. Crowbars and explosives. Except I won't kill you, because that will be too easy. I won't even let you bleed out. Do you know that, even here, I have blood transfusion packets? I know how to get them. I know how to make you bleed and bleed and never die.

The urge is like a worm under my skin. Digging and digging underneath. That's one of the tortures too. Maggots like your rotten flesh, right? I wonder how they will like to dig through your ears.

You should find it funny. The person who wants you dead and tortured the most is the one who is staying my hand now.

Letter 2 - 8 pieces:

Sometimes I wonder why you are so selfish. I wonder where your self-righteousness comes from. You betrayed me and yet you don't ever see it or acknowledge it, and now you come crawling to me looking for forgiveness that I don't want to give, sometimes. You've betrayed everything we've ever stood for because of your selfishness. Because of your self-importance. Not everything is about you. You've told me that before. Take your own advice.

I'm getting tired of dealing with you. Your existence is an anomaly I cannot understand. I have never found the reason why you're still alive, or why you've come back and did everything I tried to keep you from.

I failed you, but you failed yourself too. I'm so angry with you every single time I can barely speak. Your only saving grace right now is that you haven't dealt the worst betrayal of all. That I haven't betrayed you just as greatly in retaliation.

You started the cycle. You end it.

Letter 3 - 8 pieces:

You're so sanctimonious sometimes I cannot stand you. I look at you like you're a ghost, do you know that? A ghost of a person who means a lot to me - that's the only reason why, sometimes, I resist the urge to grab you by the throat and smash you into the wall over and over until your damn intellect breaks and you learn some manners.

You know nothing of what I'm really like, and at this point, I'm not going to show you. You know nothing of my world. I don't even think you can survive it. Don't you dare look down on me and what I do; don't you dare pretend you even understand the reasoning behind it. Your job is to find out, to understand, instead of judge. And yet you do this?

You should know better. Learn, before I make sure you do.

...Bruce has some very negative repressed emotions, what. He is incredibly angry. The handwriting - yes, it's all handwritten - is chopping, all angles, sharp but precise. Not a surgeon's handwriting, that's very sure. It's very legible.

And! Whatever your character wants to do with the scraps, it's up to you. It's entirely possible to trace the letters back to him- most likely as Batman (the first letter is a big, big clue). If that's what you want to do, drop me a line here. \o/